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High-Quality American Horseshoe Sets

Horseshoes is all all-American tradition, but real American-made competition horseshoe sets can be hard to find. Of course, at Yard Games, we only stock the best games for events and family gatherings, and that includes the regulation horseshoe game sets for sale in our selection!

Whether you choose the pro or classic game, you're guaranteed to receive a superior product. These regulation steel horseshoe games are the only brand of pitching horseshoes still proudly manufactured in the USA! Don't know much about horseshoes yet?

This fun past time can be played on any soft outdoor surface such as grass, soil or sand. It requires two or four players, and is a competition game in which contestants toss horseshoes, one at a time, at targets. In the case of horseshoes, these targets are stakes.

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Classic Horseshoe Set Classic Horseshoe Set
Our Price: $49.99
Pro Horseshoe Set Pro Horseshoe Set
Our Price: $59.95


Place the included stakes into the ground 40 feet (12.2 meters) apart at slight angles leaning toward one another. Push or hammer your stakes into the ground until 15 inches (38 centimeters) remain above the surface. Then, mark off a foul line three feet in front of each stake. Players may not cross this line when attempting their throw. Children under 18 may move up another 10 feet when playing by NHPA rules or to any comfortable distance when horseshoes is played with family and friends.


Taking turns, each player throws two shoes to try to ring the stake at the opposite end of the playing area. Each "ringer" wins the contestant three points, with six points possible per round when two participate and 12 points when this game is played in pairs. Games continue until the preset shoe-tossing or point limit has been reached.

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